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Our platform is dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to streamline your recruitment process, ensuring that you are one step closer to building a robust and highly skilled healthcare team.

we are Experts in Matching the Best Workers to Your Unique Requirements.

Here at Altimate Level we understand that it’s not just about finding staff to fill up space; it’s about finding the best workers that will meet your needs. With the current nursing shortage, let us help to meet your healthcare demands.

According to American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) many nurses are burnt out due to insufficient staffing. Let us help to provide a better work-life balance for all healthcare workers. International healthcare workers can alleviate the current healthcare recruitment crisis.


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Extensive screening and recruitment

At Altimate Level we thoroughly screen and train our candidates to make sure that they are equipped to work in the US. We guarantee a permanent solution to your recruitment demands. Contact us today for more info!

Immigration guidance and assistance

We ensure that our candidates comply with immigration requirements to make the transition to the US as smooth as possible.

Licensing & credentialing guidance

Our candidates come with the appropriate licenses and credentials for the job

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